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Soft shades are a unique and modern way to dress your window with an impressive and striking elegance. Breathtaking sheer combined with stylish colors roll up and down your glass with a push of a button, allowing privacy and as well as filtering the view in a magical way. Also known as “horizontal sheers,” we can conclude that it’s a combination of sheer material and soft horizontal vanes. Available in two, three and four inches vanes with light filtering and room darkening materials will take your breath away, while keeping your view and protecting your privacy.

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Benefits: Horizontal Sheer Shades are used to block the sun while still maintaining some of the view; yet, they also provide privacy, if needed, and they fit almost every opening. Horizontal Sheer Shades are often used to cover window openings, although they are also a good fit on French and Sliding doors.

Locations: Horizontal Sheer Shades are used in both residential homes and commercial buildings to improve heat control and privacy, at the same time. Although they are used more in commercial buildings, the Cadence Horizontal Sheer Shade Collection™ from Hunter Douglas® is a great fit for custom homes.

Mounting requirements:  Horizontal Sheer Shades need to have a minimum of a 1 ½” mounting surface for the inside mount; otherwise, it’s recommended to install them outside of the mount.

Types: Horizontal Sheer Shades are made from the combination of horizontal sheers and soft cloth material that has the vane function of a venetian blind. The Horizontal Sheer Shades’ vanes come in light-filtering and room-darkening options.

Colors and patterns: Horizontal Sheer Shades come in various color schemes, especially the Silhouette Hunter Douglas (which is a bestseller).

Recommended manufacturer: There is no preferred manufacturer for the Horizontal Sheer Shades, as they have a long history in residential and commercial homes. For a custom look, the Hunter Douglas Cadence collection can meet the expectations of vertical blinds.

Controls: Horizontal Sheer Shades come with standard (continuous) cord-loop control; it can also be cordless, Ultraglide™ (retractable cord), and battery-powered.

Child safety features: The cordless or battery-controlled have the highest-rated child safety features. The continuous cord needs to be mounted to the wall with a cord tensioner. The Ultraglide™ single, retractable cord can hang freely after it’s shortened away from the reach of children.

Durability: Horizontal Sheer Shades can last up to 15 years. They might show some dust collection after ten years, depending on the weather and environmental exposure.

What to consider before you buy:

  • If you have pets, there is a possibility of scratching the sheer material.
  • Horizontal Sheer Shades should be installed on windows.