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Roller shades are a simple, yet sophisticated way to obtain heat and privacy control while keeping the view in the daytime. This is one of the largest lines in the window coverings industry backed by the latest technology, research, and engineering to ensure accuracy and to accomplish the best possible results. Roll-up and sliding panels, manual and automated, indoor and outdoor, screen, privacy, and room-darkening materials are at your fingertips to dim the light, protect your furniture,  decorate your space and to enhance your indoor living.

Learn More About Roller Shades

Roller shades are made from the combination of cloth material rolled on a tube with a clutch and the idle end mounted on two brackets (one on the left and one on the right-hand side of the shade, regardless of the width). They can be made with PVC or PVC-free materials.

Benefits: Roller Shades they are used to block the sun, control privacy, and keep some of the view while having privacy; and they fit almost every opening.

Common Use:  Roller Shades are used in both residential homes to improve heat control and privacy at the same time. Recently, hotels and most commercial buildings are using more Roller Shades as a drapery alternative to minimize the service calls and the ease of use.

Roller Shades mounting requirements: they need to have minimum of 1 ½’” in depth for the mounting requirement in order to secure the brackets.

Roller Shades types:  They can be made of screen material, see-through material, light-filtering, or room-darkening cloth.

Roller Shades colors: they come in various colors. The darker the color, the better for the view; and the lighter the color, the more glare we experience (especially watching TV during the day).

Roller Shades recommended manufacturer: There is no preferred manufacturer for the Roller Shades, as they have a long history. Lutron developed the quietest drive and offers a wider variety of color options.

Roller Shades controls:  they are mainly controlled with a continuous beaded chain and require some effort to be lifted. Hunter Douglas’ latest controls are the cordless system and the PowerView battery-operated. Roller shades are the fastest-growing product in the industry (with the most competition).

Roller Shades child safety: they require cord holder to be installed in order to keep the beaded chain cords out of the reach of children; the battery-powered or the hardwired systems have almost no risk for children.

What to consider before you buy:

Some materials transmit fumes after the installation

Screen roller shades don’t provide privacy at the night, even with 1% openness

To achieve full control over heat and privacy, you might need to consider two shades: one with screen material and one with room-darkening material for privacy and light control.