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Outdoor shade treatments are a durable way to control your privacy in the daytime and cut the heat before it reaches your window. Manual and automated options are available to protect your home from the sun while keeping your view. Screen and room-darkening materials in various colors are available to coordinate with your outside décor and disappear in the box above your window in order to keep your indoor architecture lines intact.

Learn More About Outdoor Shades

Outdoor Shades are made of roll up shades or shutters that fits into a weather proof casing with side channels that prevent materials from moving with the weather conditions.

Benefits: Outdoor Shades are used to block the sun, control the heat and keep the view in the day time. With the exterior shades you can keep your indoor architectures intact while preventing the heat and solar waves from infiltrating your house

Locations: Outdoor Shades are used in residential homes or store front application on openings facing the sun for a long period of the day time

Mounting requirements:  Outdoor Shades need to have a minimum of a 2 1/2” mounting depth for the inside mount; otherwise, it’s recommended to install them outside mount.

Types: Outdoor Shades can be made of screen material; see through or room darkening. The security rolling shutters are made with extruded aluminum.

Colors and patterns: Outdoor Shades come in various color schemes, especially the screen materials although it’s recommended to select dark colors to help maintain the view. Water proof and room darkening materials come coordinated with stucco colors.

Recommended manufacturer: Polar Shades in Vegas are the leaders in the outdoor shades and Tucson Rolling Shutters is the leader in rolling shutters. Both suppliers offer an outstanding workmanship.

Controls: Outdoor shades mainly automated and controlled by handheld or wall switch.

Child safety features: Outdoor treatments are safer if automated although a chain holder needs to be installed for manual applications.

Life expectancy: Outdoor shades can last up to 15 years. However, they can start breaking earlier depends on the wear and tear and the weather conditions.

What to consider before you buy:

  • Outdoor shades should be installed on sliding doors
  • Outdoor shades made of screen material won’t provide privacy at night time, even with 1% openness
  • Water proof materials come in room darkening options only