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Our Latest window coverings projects in San Diego

Here are our latest  window treatment project images where you can browse through and get inspired. 2017 was a blessing for our company with over 180 projects completed in San Diego area. Thanks to our customers and their full support to achieve those beautiful drapery images.


Blinds are a simple, yet clean way to cover openings with a view while still controlling privacy. Blinds come in various options such as vertical180-degree tilt and horizontal 180-degree tilt. Blinds are considered the most cost efficient window treatment. View our Blinds Window Treatment Gallery and decide if blinds are the right window covering for you. All projects were done in San Diego, Ca.


Shades provide privacy for your home and your business.  Roller shades come in various different colors and patterns to accommodate your decor. Royal Window Coverings would like to add your project to our portfolio in San Diego county so please give us a call.


Custom shutters are a great asset to add to any home. Shutters come in various colors and tilt options to best fit anyones personal needs. Please feel free to view our shutter window treatment gallery, all projects were finished locally in San Diego, Ca.


If your looking to add a custom style to your home, soft window treatments are a simple yet elegant look for your home. Soft treatments carries a variety of categories such as: drapery; drapery hardware, sheers, sliding panels, and top treatments. View some of our local custom window covering projects in the Greater San Diego area.