Custom Drapery Gallery

Drapery Hardware is an elegant way to hang your fabrics with various materials and finishes.  Wood poles and iron rods are available to coordinate with your furniture and ornaments. Endless finial and rings options are available to match your home style, whether it is contemporary or classic. Drapery hardware are the basics of the window coverings, yet they can draw your curtain to provide you with privacy or unveil your view when needed.

Learn More About Drapery Hardware

Benefits: Decorative drapery hardware improves the look of the drapery and complements the elegance fabrics

Locations: Drapery hardware can accommodate any opening in any residential or commercial applications such as custom homes, hotels, and hospitals.

Mounting requirements: Architrac hardware are installed both wall and ceiling mount although the decorative wood and iron are mostly wall mounted.

Types: Drapery hardware are a variety of decorative wood poles, iron rods, Architrac with gliders for hotels and heavy duty applications, cubicles for hospitals and offices, and traversing for basic applications.

Colors and patterns: Drapery Hardware comes in wide schemes of colors and shapes. It’s based on suppliers and collections.

Recommended Suppliers: Paris Texas Hardware, Fabricut and Buckingham collection from Kirsch are high end collections. Non brand names can be found in most hardware stores although it’s not the same quality as custom order.

Controls: Drapery hardware are controlled with wand (hand drawn) , cords and automated. SM Automatic offers a robust drive along with Lutron controls and BTX

Child-safety features: Drapery hardware with cord control requires a cord holder to meet the child safety requirements.

Life expectancy: Heavy Duty Drapery hardware should last 15 years if chosen and installed by the manufactures specifications. Although like every mechanical application it can fail earlier because of the wear and tear .

Cleaning recommendation: Especial Silicone spray is recommended to clean iron rods and wood poles which also ease the traversing treatment. No oil based spray is recommended as it collects dust after some time and prevent the rings or drapery carriers from moving.

What to consider before you buy drapery hardware:

  • Ready-made drapery hardware are not heavy duty and don’t have the right screws and sustainable brackets