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Blinds Versus Shades

Woven texture from Hunter Douglas

What are the best window coverings Blinds or Shades?

I got this question from my customers all the time so here are the details by comparing the benefits and the importance of both treatments. The shades have been longer in the use and they can cover any openings with one piece although blinds are more desirable when it comes to dual light and privacy control.

#4 Roller Shades versus Horizontal sheers or Silhouette™*

Both treatments share the following controls such as clutch with beaded chain, continuous cord, cordless spring system, battery powered, and hard wired. They roll up and disappear in a cassette or fascia and both come in light filtering and room darkening materials.  With a small difference, the screen roller shades provide a single seamless view and offer a full privacy in the day time “only”, versus the horizontal sheers filters the light, slice the view but can tilt open and close to control your privacy and light at the same time.

#3 Honeycombs Duette™* or pleated shades versus mini blinds

Small horizontal lines and small pleats bring those window treatments together to compete on which one guards us better from the heat. The honeycombs drop in a blocking accordion sheet hiding the cords and raise in a unnoticeable small stack versus the mini blinds cut the view with un-obstructive lines which can tilt to insure our privacy and minimize the light from interfering with our living space

#2 Woven wood shades versus venetian blinds

The bamboo woven woods resemble the color of stained wood blinds although they work differently. They share common controls such cord lock, cordless and they can be automated. They both work marvelously on your windows; although, the woven wood drop down in a single decorative flat panel to cover your glass opening versus the horizontal blinds act as a privacy controller in addition to their traditional look.

#1 Roman Shades Vignette™* versus Pirouette ™*

A soft fold roman shade with custom fabric can be intimidating for other window coverings while a modern Pirouette™* strives as a unique treatment exclusively from Hunter Douglas. One of the oldest window treatments “the roman shades” not only can decorate your house but also can provide you with warmth and privacy. In the other hand the slick looking Pirouette™ with its sheers and magical tilt system can add a filter between you and the outdoor while can still be folded in romantic pleats.

Window Coverings Tips:

  1. Screen roller shades don’t provide privacy at night unless accompanied with a dual shade
  2. Horizontal sheers are known to collect insects and the best way to prevent that is to keep a clean environment a use low vacuum to clean as needed.
  3. Honeycombs are perfect for bedrooms and can be made with top down bottom as a solution for blocking the view.
  4. Mini blinds are back with more modern colors please check our Hunter Douglas collection
  5. Woven woods are a great solution although they are not recommended all over the house because they get old quickly
  6. Venetian blinds they still popular solution and can be made with incredible stained colors
  7. Roman shades are beautiful although they are considered an “either or treatment” and they can really block your view and become hard to lift and lower each day over the time.
  8. The Pirouettes™ are definitely the ultimate solution especially if the budget allows you to have them automated

*Silhouette™ a horizontal treatment made with stunning translucent sheers and colorful vanes

*Duette™ a honeycomb shade prepared with elegant materials and vibrant shades

*Vignette™ is a modern roman shade tailored with a slick look and elegant fabrics

*Pirouette™ an exclusive collection made by Hunter Douglas with timeless expression and ultimate        experience






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Lutron Shades

Roller Shades for Restaurant

Lutron Shades are high quality blinds that provide you with fully automated window coverings line. Lutron quite drive ensures he great experience of motorized window treatments. With Lutron technology you will profit from the sun light and energy with the astronomical time clock, Hem bar Alignment and intelligent Tilt Alignment. Lutron product line includes roller shades, drapery, roman shades, honeycombs, horizontal sheer and venetian blinds. The controls are almost endless, the simplest is Pico, a single wireless control, up to a fully automated home system such as HomeWorks and RA2 that can be controlled by app from everywhere.

Roller Shades