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Automated shades controlled with Alexa voice command

Automated shades controlled with Alexa voice command
If you thought like me that motorized shades controlled by an App will be the trend for the next 5 or ten years, we both were wrong. Motorization is a small part of the equation; now you can talk to your blinds through Alexa TM and many other home automation systems. Amazon will allow you to Voice Command your smart blinds with Alexa Smart Home.

How it works: it’s not magic, therefore here is the easiest way to explain it without going too much in technical details. First you need a window treatment such as a roller shades that has the technology built from Hunter Douglas PowerView TM or it can be from Lutron or Somfy. Second you need a bridge to connect to your internet modem and install an App from to start programming your shades. Other helpfull link

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