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How to prepare for a window coverings presentation

How to prepare for a window coverings presentation

Before a decorator shows up to your door with business card in hand and start asking you all the questions here is the “how to prepare for a window coverings presentation” to save you time and to narrow it down to the desired treatment. Before you start exploring the swatches with different designs and colors please consider the following questions:

Do you still need to look outside while controlling the light and privacy at the same time, then blinds with tilting vanes or slats are the solution. Mini blinds, horizontal blinds, vertical blinds and shutters can apply to any opening

Are you looking for a decorative material that can roll or fold, then shades are the best solution. Roller shades, honeycomb shades and woven wood shades will dress most windows

Are you looking for a soft look to cover wide openings, then drapery is the answer. Dual layers such as sheers and over drapery can solve privacy both day and night

Not satisfied with your hard treatment casing or you want to add a decorative touch to your drapery or bare window, a top treatment such as cornice box, roman shade valance, or swag and cascades will enhance the look of any window

You can’t find your style within the shades line then roman shades, balloon shades and Austrian shades can be made with any custom fabric you wish for

You can’t decided we are here to help, please contact us to experience the best in-house window coverings presentation! (858) 650-3035

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