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How to match your window coverings with home decor trends

There are many home decor trends in this day and age. Nothing feels better than having a humble abode that best fits your personal style. It shows a piece of your personality, creativity, and unique style. Nowadays, there are multiple styles that influence the look of each home. According to Froy, the most popular interior home styles are: mid-century modern, industrial, nautical, Scandinavian, bohemian, farm house, and shabby chic.

Window Treatments have a large role when it comes to the impact of the tone of a home. By simply remodeling your current window coverings, you change the whole feel and style of your trendy dwelling.

Mid-Century Modern

Key aspects of a mid-century modern home include: large open floor plans, neutral colors only, and simplicity.

  • Roller Shades: Roller shades are a perfect window treatment to fit into your style. Century Blinds’ Roller Shade Elevations™ collection has a various options to create the ideal ambiance for a simplistic, styled home. My favorite samples are: light grey, flocke loutre (a room-darkening material), and charcoal charcoal.

To see more samples by Century, click here.

  • Honeycomb Shades: A popular window treatment, the honeycomb shades are a versatile product that will fit into a mid-century modern style. Hunter Douglas provides a variety of options for honeycombs. My favorite is the Duette Architella. With this line of honeycombs, you are able to add to any window or door between 12-174″ wide and 6 – 144″ height. The style of mid-century modern goes hand and hand with large windows, so honeycombs are a perfect fit.

A common trendy place to shop for mid-century modern decor is West Elm. For great modern home decor styles, go to


Key concepts to master in an industrial styled home are: the use of black and white tones; open ceilings; and common mediums are steel and brick.

  • Roller Shades: Roller shades are a simple window treatment that comes in different materials to fit each person’s style. Industrial styled homes tend to have large open windows. Therefore, roller shades would work great for this type of home decor trend. Roller shades can hide completely by rolling into a cassette. As a result, a window can be 100% viewable (if needed). In addition, roller shades are a clean simple look that works great when styling an industrial home.

A great place to purchase industrial styled products would be World Market and some home decor at your local Target.


A common style in home decor in San Diego is nautical due to surrounding beach towns such as: Pacific Beach, La Jolla, Solana Beach, Del Mar, and Coronado. Unique features of a nautical styled home include: striped décor; natural mediums (such as drift wood, dried starfish, and rope); and ocean-themed furniture (such as sailboats, sea creatures, shells, mermaids, etc.).

  • Drapery: Drapery works great with a nautical home decor. With drapery, you have the ability to customize with fabrics and hardware according you style. One of my favorite fabric manufacturers, Duralee Pavilion has a sample book called “Marine/ Lime” that works great with oceanic design. Pattern 15411-99pattern 15435-5, and pattern 15430-99 are just some of many fabrics that coordinate well.


The Scandinavian home decor trend has minimal shapes with bold hidden patterns placed throughout the home. Common mediums for this home decor trend are: fur materials, wood mixed with fabrics, and a mixture of metals (such as copper and silver). Frequent colors include dark blues, whites, blacks, and various grey colors.

  • Soft Shades: Soft shades are considered a modern window treatment and are the newest window coverings on the market. A popular soft treatment is the Silhouette® by Hunter Douglas. If you’re looking for something more cost efficient, the Nantucket™ is another option; both the Nantucket™ and Silhouette® by Hunter Douglas are soft shades and look quite similar. The swatch Nouveau Quartette Powder Sugar in the Silhouette® Collection would complete the Scandinavian look because of its clean white color and texture.

A great place to shop for Scandinavian home decor is Ikea.


Key concepts to master the look are: use of natural materials, various different patterns, and plants placed throughout the home. Deep reds, greens, and blues are colors commonly used in this decor.

  • Drapery: Drapery has an array of fabrics with virtually any pattern to choose from. The free-flowing form of drapery is in tune with the Bohemian home decor trend. Fabricators like Greenhouse Fabrics and Fabricut have beautiful choices to complete your bohemian-styled home. Some fabrics that stood out to me are: Greenhouse Fabric’s B1039Fabricut’s Cabra, and Carole Fabric’s High Gloss in crimson.

Farm House

The farm house style is a rustic look that complements the countryside. Frequent mediums are: red brick, wood finishes, and wicker furniture. This interior design style has an old-fashioned feel with vintage taste.

  • Shutters: Not only are shutters a great asset for any home, but also fit in virtually any opening as well. Vital factors for your farmhouse decor is keeping furniture simple and affordable. Shutters come in three forms: vinyl (or PVC), composite wood, and wood. Not sure which type best suits you? Visit to learn more about the various mediums.

Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic is a vintage look with exaggerated edges. The main colors to distinguish this style are pastels with gold and metal finishes. The decor has a rustic/ tarnished look. Simple flower designs are a common pattern as well.

  • Roman Shades: Because roman shades are practical in any material, it coordinates well with pastels and simple patterns throughout the home. Some fabrics I thought arranged well are: Greenhouse Fabrics’ A8675 in mineral; and Trend’s Jaclyn Smith Home sample book, Blush/ Punch Prints and Wovens volume III. Similarly, Hunter Douglas designer roman shades are customizable shades that work to accommodate the style.

Virtually, all window treatments can be styled to any home decor. Everyone has their personal preferences and ideals when it comes to your home.

Writer: Zoe Vega

Some websites that I found helpful for coordinating your styled home:

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